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Minecraft Compatibility

Bedrock Edition worlds are not currently supported.

Most entities are currently not rendered by Chunky, and some special blocks can not be rendered either. Here is a list of the supported Minecraft versions in addtion to all the things that Chunky cannot render.

For more detailed information about which features of what snapshot are not yet supported, check the issues with the minecraft label on GitHub.

Feature Status Related issues
Minecraft Java Versions 1.2.1 - 1.17.1
Mod blocks Not supported #88, #426, #266
Custom block models Not supported #88, #426, #266
(Glow) Item frames Not supported #790, #789
Held item rendering Not supported #669, #595
Players Supported
Mobs (animals and monsters) Not supported #41
Book (enchanting table, lectern) Supported
Beacon beam Supported
Ender crystals Not supported #41
Boats Not supported
Minecarts Not supported
Falling sand Not supported #454
Particles Not supported #41
Bubble columns Not supported
Campfire with items Not supported
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