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Chunky Plugins

Chunky can be extended with plugins, e.g. to add new blocks, post processors or even add all new renderer implementations.

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Renderer switching in Chunky 2.4.0 or later

As of Chunky 2.4.0 renderer switching is supported. ChunkyClPlugin’s ChunkyCLRenderer cannot yet be selected to be used in conjunction with the Denoising Plugin though they won’t cause an exception anymore.

Plugins which have not yet been updated to support the new addRenderer API feature (Ambient Occlusion Plugin and Depth Buffer Plugin) are still supported and are added with the name of PluginRenderer.


Plugins are distributed as .jar files and loaded by Chunky. To install them, click on Manage Plugins within the Chunky Launcher to open the Plugin Manager. Plugins can be added by clicking the Add button.

Plugin Manager

Plugins are loaded from top to bottom. The loading order usually doesn't matter but can fix incompatibilities in some cases. Consult the documentation of the plugins you're using for further information.

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