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Plugin List

Below is a list of known plugins. If a plugin is missing, feel free to add it to this page by submitting a PR with all the required information.

Animation Plugin

Redox · GitHub Repository · Latest build from master

Adds functionality to render an animation without completely reloading the scene on every frame. Has a Keyframe Editor tab which lets you create and edit keyframes or an option to load .json files from a folder.

Bloom Plugin

aTom3333 · GitHub Repository · Releases

Adds a bloom post-processing filter.

BVH Plugin

aTom3333 · GitHub Repository · Releases

Adds additional BVH's to Chunky.

Denoising Plugin

leMaik · GitHub Repository · Releases

An AI denoiser using Intel Open Image Denoise. Very effective at reducing noise and can be used to effectively cut render times by orders of magnitude.


  1. Download the release version of the denoiser .jar from the GitHub Repo for the version of Chunky you have.

    Version Plugin Version Plugin File
    Chunky 2.4+ v0.4.0 chunky-denoiser.jar
    Chunky 2.0-2.3 v0.3.2 chunky-denoiser-chunky2.jar
    Chunky 1 v0.3.2 chunky-denoiser-chunky1.jar
  2. Download the Precompiled Intel Open Image Denoise Binary Packages for your OS. (ie for Windows it would be

  3. Extract the oidn .zip file to a chosen location. (ie C:\Program Files\\...)
  4. Add and enable the denoising plugin .jar in Chunky.
  5. After launching Chunky, a new Denoiser tab will be found among the render controls. Expand this tab, next to the Denoiser there will be a button ... clicking this will open a file selector. Navigate to the installation location and then into bin and select oidnDenoise.exe. The full path to the Denoiser would be displayed in the text field. For this example it would be: C:\Program Files\\bin\oidnDenoise.exe
  6. Render normally! Profit! The Denoising Plugin with render the Normal and Albedo Map before the Noisy image. Once the Target SPP is reached the image will be denoised and saved into snapshots with the extension *.denoised.*. You can also find the original .pfm files in the scenes' directory should you wish to use these for anything.

Discord Rich Presence

leMaik · GitHub Repository · Releases

Adds Discord rich presence integration to Chunky. Make sure this plugin is loaded after other plugins that change the render manager.

Excel Plugin

aTom3333 · GitHub Repository · Releases

Exports renders as ODS such that an image viewer like Excel can render it.


aTom3333 · GitHub Repository · Releases

Adds a JPEG-XL Output mode.

Magick Export Plugin

ShirleyNeko · GitHub Repository · Releases

A Work-In-Progress plugin that adds more render Output modes (ie OpenEXR, PNG16, etc.) using ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick.

Octree Plugin

aTom3333 · GitHub Repository · Releases

This is a plugin for Chunky that adds more octree implementations with a range of uses and benefits. See the GitHub repository for more information and use. Notable implementations:

  • Disk Implementation - Caches octree to disk. Extremely slow compared to other octree implementations but bypasses memory limits when loading large worlds.
  • Garbage-collected Implementation - Generally faster octree creation / loading times. Higher peak memory usages.
  • Dictionary Implementation - Lower memory usage than PACKED. Slightly slower while rendering and loading.
  • Small DAG Implementation - Even lower memory usage than DICTIONARY. Slightly slower while rendering and loading.

A few more options are available but not listed.

OpenCL Plugin

Redox · GitHub Repository · Releases

A WIP OpenCL raytracer for Chunky. Not all blocks and features are supported.


This plugin is in early beta state and does not support all Chunky features yet.