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Render Controls - Advanced

Render controls Advanced

CPU usage controls

  • Render threads - Changes the number of threads Chunky should use while rendering. (Needs restart)

  • CPU utilization - Adds in sleep cycles to the rendering process to attempt to reduce the CPU usage. Would recommend using Render threads for more predictable scaling.

  • Ray depth - Controls the number of times a ray is allowed to bounce without striking a light source before killed. For outdoor scenes a value between 3-5 should typically be enough with indoor scenes benifitting more from higher values around 10. Higher values offer more realistic light bounce however at a cost to render time. Balance this carefully.


  • Merge render dump - Useful for multi-PC rendering. Merges a renders .dump file into the currently loaded scene combining the total SPP.

  • Shutdown computer when render completes - Togglable

  • Fast Fog - Impacts the quality of fog rendering. Typically only noticable if viewing fog through alpha textures which is rare.

  • Sky cache resolution - Resolution of the rendered simulated sky. Lower values may boost rendering performance at the cost of sky model accuracy. Default 128.

Snapshot output format

  • Output mode - PNG (default), TIFF, 32-bit floating point, PFM, Portable FloatMap (32-bit)

Advanced Octree, BVH, and ESS options

  • Octree implementation - PACKED (default), BIGPACKED, NODE (legacy)

  • BVH build method - SAH_MA (default), SAH, MIDPOINT

  • Emitter grid size- Controls size of emitter grid used for ESS.

  • Prevent normal emitter when using emitter sampling - Attempts to disable typical random emitter hits which would reduce noise.

Manual renderer selection

  • Renderer - PathTracingRenderer - No other renderers are bundled. See plugins.

  • Preview Renderer - PreviewRenderer - No other renderers are bundled. See plugins.

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