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Render Controls - Render Preview

Render controls Render Preview

Once chunks have been selected and loaded they can be viewed in 3D within the Render Preview tab; Chunky should automatically switch to this view once chunks or a scene have been loaded. Depending on a few conditions either a fast flat path-traced preview image of the view into the world will be displayed OR, if either the render is started or there exists a dump file for the scene, a higher quality, and possibility noisy, multi-sample path-traced image will be shown; and updated in real-time as new samples are completed.

Below is an example of the path tracer in action.

Render controls Render Preview noisy


Camera key bindings (Standard camera projection)

  • W - move forward (1 unit)

  • S - move backward (1 unit)

  • A - strafe left (1 unit)

  • D - strafe right (1 unit)

  • R - move up (1 unit)

  • F - move down (1 unit)

Modifier keys

  • Shift - 0.1x

  • Ctrl - 100x

Right click menu

Render controls Render Preview right click

  • Set target - Default targeting is center view, this changes the target to a location on screen. Useful for Autofocus.

  • Show Guides - Enables thirds guidelines (overlay) to help frame up shots.

  • Canvas scale - Default is Fit to Screen with fixed scale options between 25% and 400%.

Target details

Render controls Render Preview right click

The Target details box shows up in the bottom left-hand corner of the preview tab when the target changes; mouse dragging or via Set Target. The three lines provide the following information:

  • Subject Distance in metres.

  • Block and state of target (not including entities).

  • Position of target.