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Render Controls - Water

Render controls Water

Water controls

  • Still water - Disables the wavy water ripples.

  • Water visibility - Controls the distances rays can travel in water before being terminated.

  • Water opacity - Controls the opacity of the water; 0 for clear and 1 for solid.

  • User custom water color - Toggle; Otherwise will use biome water color

  • Pick color - Lets you pick the custom water color.

Water World

  • Water world mode - Toggles an infinite water plane.

    • Water height - Sets the height of the water world.

    • Lower water by Minecraft offset - Water in Minecraft isn't exactly at block level, this applies an offset so there aren't any gaps.

    • Hide the water plane in loaded chunks

Procedural water

Snapshot 2.5.0

  • Procedural water - Enable or disable the use of configurable simplex noise based procedural water shading.

    • Iterations - How many iterations of noise used. Increasing this will reduce performance.
    • Frequency - Increasing the frequency gives you more waves.
    • Amplitude - Controls the "height" of the waves
    • Animation speed - Only really used when varying the Animation time.
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