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Scene Management

The scene management controls are located above the three control panels, near the top of the window.

Figure 1: Scene Management Controls

  • Scene: (name): Input field for the name of the currently-loaded scene. Press Enter to apply.

  • Save Scene Icon Save Scene: Saves the currently-loaded scene, including any render progress.

  • Load Scene Icon Load Scene: Opens the 'Select 3D Scene' dialog box.

  • Save current frame: Opens a 'Save As' dialog box to save the current frame of the render preview, the output file format of which can be selected.

  • Copy current frame: Copies the current frame of the render preview to the clipboard in the PNG file format.

Select 3D Scene

The 'Select 3D Scene' dialog box, shown in Figure 2, displays a list of all detected scenes in Chunky's "scenes" directory, along with some render progress details for each scene, and more scene management controls at the bottom.

Figure 2: 'Select 3D Scene' dialog box

The column headers can be clicked to reorder the scenes by any listed detail. A scene in the list can be clicked to select it.

  • Delete: Displays a confirmation prompt for the user to delete the currently-selected scene.

  • Export: Opens a 'Save As' dialog box to save the currently-selected scene as a ZIP file to another location.

  • Cancel: Closes the 'Select 3D Scene' dialog box.

  • Load selected scene: Loads the currently-selected scene, including any saved render progress. Alternatively, the scene can be loaded by double-clicking its list entry.