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Help (Chunky Resources)

Information about Chunky and links to online Chunky resources are located in the menu bar at the top of the window, under the Help dropdown menu.

Figure 1: The Help menu (Chunky resources)

  • Help: Opens a dropdown menu that contains links to online resources and Chunky information.

    • Chunky Manual: A link to the Chunky Manual (this website).

    • jackjt8's Guide to Chunky: A link to jackjt8's Guide to Chunky, which contains documentation on advanced rendering techniques.

    • GitHub Repo: A link to the Chunky repository on GitHub.

    • Issue Tracker: A link to the Issues page of the Chunky repository.

    • Chunky Subreddit: A link to the r/chunky subreddit.

    • Discord Server: An invite link to the Chunky Discord server.

    • About: Opens the 'About Chunky' window.